Daniel D. Beck

“DeprecationWarning: documenting your software’s last days” at PyCon UK 2017

A photo of Daniel Beck in front of a large screen that says "NOT AN ENGINEERING PROBLEM"

PYCON conference day three, Cardiff City Hall, Cardiff, Wales, UK 28th October 2017 by Mark Hawkins licensed under CC BY 2.0

I presented DeprecationWarning: documenting your software’s last days at PyCon UK on October 28, 2017. If you were in attendance, I hope you enjoyed it! If you missed the talk it was recorded, but there was a problem with the video; see a similar talk I presented at (/wtdeu2017/).

If you want to attend more talks like this one, check out your nearest Write the Docs meetup or conference.

If you’re desperate to revisit my slides, then you can download a PDF.


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